Imagine  a  situation  where    you    are    caught  in  a  natural  disaster,  it  could  be  a  flood,  earthquake,  tornado  or  any  other  catastrophic  event.  How  long  do  you  think  you  can  go  without  essential  food  and  water  in  those  times?  It is truly an unpleasant and harrowing ordeal.  Therefore,  it  makes  lot  of  sense  to  be  prepared  than  to  wait  for  crew  to  reach  because  in  more  severe  situations,  emergency  crew  might  take  even  days  to  arrive.  Experts  advise  that  it  is  therefore, sensible  to  get  MRE’s  (Meals  ready  to  eat)  for  disaster  preparedness.  The  meal  is  in  an  aluminum  foil  and  plastic  layered  pack  called  retort  packaging.  The  food  is  pre-cooked  and  some  contain  normal  food  while  others contain  meat. Eversafe MREs  are similar to the ones  used  by  the  military  for  its  troops  and  were  later  introduced  for  the  civilian  use. 

Why it is better to buy MRE than canned foods?

If  military  prefers  to  use  MRE  than  canned  foods  then  obviously there  should  be  some  serious  logic.

  1. 1Canned foods are bulky–The prime reason to buy MREs over canned  foods is that , canned foods are  not  so  easy to carry  around  in  times  of  disaster.  They  weigh  a  lot,  takes  lots  of  space  and  if  you  are  on  foot  then  you  should  consider  the  limit  to  carry  cans  of  food. Canned  foods  also  need  special  preparation  and  opener  is  must  at  all  times  in  order  to  get  into  canned  foods.
  2. Ready to eat -As the name indicates, the meals are readily available to eat. The handy package has at least two servings of meal in them, perfect for survivalists, disaster preparation and campers and for others who prefer for MRE.
  3. Totally convenient -MRE’s are convenient to carry. The pouch is perfectly packed with enriched essential foods and easy to carry where you go. The pouch occupies too little space in your backpack.
  4. Nutritional value- Each pack contain 1200- 2000 calories per day nutritional value.  Most MRE’s contain full day’s ration of three meals. You will also get easy to eat fork and spoon.
  5. 5. Variety –MRE’s are available in different forms in the market, you can buy MRE meals ranging from buffalo chicken, spaghetti with meat sauce to vegans who love to have vegetable lasagna, veggie burger with BBQ sauce. The list is endless as day by day there are so many varieties of food choices available.
  6. Can be consumed cold or warm- MREs are designed to be equally palatable whether you choose to eat cold or heat with microwave or stove.
  7. Shelf life and storage –MREs have shelf life of around 5 years, if properly stored. The cover containing the food is designed to withstand damage.