The bodyboss basically has different levels of training mentioned in the book, you can find this book online only. The review of this book has given a positive and negative aspect of exercise. The workout regime makes you sweat for only 24 minutes. 20 minutes is a short span of time initial stage, but some of the programs are more than 24 minutes. The warm-up program is going to take 10 minutes. And the cooldown takes 10 minutes… in the pre-training, the average session will be for37 minutes that’s with the warm-up and sessions and the cooldown, and then the training programs stretch up to 40 to 50 minutes. 

You get full programs online and in the bodyboss PDF, you get full week pre-training programs and the full 12-week program step by step as well. It’s easy to follow the book, it contains all the important information that you have been striving for. The bodyboss methods review always insists you to follow the pre-training programs before you start the major programs, few of them find this pre-training as waste of the money on purchasing the book, but few who have sincerely followed the regime find pre-training programs the therapy to understand your body and its angular move to successfully proceed for next programs. So here in the example below. At the beginning of all sessions the book details about training for the days and weeks consecutively.

The bodyboss regimes on the weekly basis

For Mondays and Wednesdays are you are instructed to do hit workout which will be 2 to 7 minutes /hit circuits. Tuesday is the recovery session where you can do yoga or dance or anything that keeps you concentrate on your likes. On Thursday it’s a cardio session like jog or run or treadmills. On Fridays, it’s a power-up session 12 reps of power for 6 minutes. So before starting these programs, it’s mandatory to adopt pre-training session which will be for few minutes before starting or main session. Here every week has different pre-training techniques. where most them consider completely invalid.

So once you start pre-training programs you can easily conquer the following level of training. So the bodyboss method review says most of the workout in bodyboss books are for only twice or thrice a week. Apparently, the results are seen in four weeks itself. This book doesn’t motivate for weight loss but it has multiple aesthetic fitness routine to make you feel positive all the time.